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Welcome to one of the 225 City Guide, the premier online destination for all who wish to explore the dynamic cities worldwide. 

Whether you are a local, a newcomer, a business traveler, or a seasoned globetrotter, our extensive city guide is crafted to provide you priceless information. This website is filled with insightful information and tips to enhance your stay in this remarkable city.

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225+ 1sCityGuides.com Websites to Undergo Uniform Branding

This site is a proud member of the Reed Consortium collection of 850+ websites. These online cities’ guides were first created in 1999. The original Las Vegas city guide began as a paper magazine called Insider Viewpoint of Las Vegas back in 1992. 

To create a uniform look Reed Consortium developed, over the pass two decades, the top 225 city guides throughout the world with all sites starting with “1st” and ending with the word “Guide” before the dot com.

Current Updates in Progress

1stCityGuide.com, the parent of the 225+ online city guides are undergoing extensive updates of all the sites at this time. This initiative, led by Richard Reed owner of Reed Consortium, aims to maintain the cutting edge of each site.

This new phase is set to offer even more valuable information to both locals and visitors across all our city guides.  By refining the model under which these sites operate, the 225+ city guide websites will be filled with quality, accurate, useful free information for all  

What is a 1st City Guide Licensee?

Starting in December 2023, all 225+ city guides will begin debuting a fresh look and undergo a comprehensive transformation. Alongside this redesign, there will be an opportunity for interested individuals to become Licensees, marking a significant shift in how these sites will be managed.

Richard Reed, leveraging his decades of experience and philanthropic efforts, notably with Rotary, has crafted a distinctive Licensee business model. This innovative strategy is designed to empower entrepreneurs to own and manage their city guide.

1st Las Vegas Guide supports Las Vegas WON Rotary Club

Richard Reed owner 1st Las Vegas Guide is proud member of Las Vegas WON Rotary Club

Low Cost Business Opportunity to Purchase a City Guide License

It’s widely acknowledged new businesses face challenges, with many not surviving beyond their initial first few years. Reed’s Licensee model addresses this by offering a low-risk entry into business ownership. The purchase of a city guide license from 1stCityGuide.com includes a ready-to-launch business model, complete with a three-year minimum mentorship by Richard Reed and his team of experts.

This affordable entry point opens up the possibility for many to become the rewarding part of business ownership, supported by Reed’s mentorship. The revenue-sharing arrangement is structured so the licensee benefits significantly, with an increasing share of the revenue over the first three years.  Full details are available upon request to serious people wanting to escape the 9-5 job.  

Contact Us Today...

1st Las Vegas Guide Contact Us, 1stLasVegasGuide.com

For comprehensive details or to explore how you can become part of this exciting venture, reach out to the Reed Consortium.  Richard Reed is available to discuss the new Licensee program personally and guide you through acquiring one of the 225+ city guides. Call today, 702-210-4201.

We List Only the Best

1st Houston Guide is not a list of every business. Our website highlights only the best businesses / places / events are featured within these pages. This makes Houston even more magical for residents and visitors alike.

Wichita Kansas 1st City Guide 702-210-4201

Advertise Your Company

You can be seen by a high quality audience when you place an advertisement on 1st Houston Guide. Not all companies are accepted… Call 702-232-1908 to be have your company seen by affluent buyers. You will be amazed how with the low price.

1st City Guide Expansion

1stCityGuide.com is the parent company of 225+ city guides worldwide. We are expanding and looking for Licensee partners to work together and provide a quality income when sharing the secrets of great cities around the world with visitors and residents alike. Call 702-210-4201 to discuss pricing and city guide availabilities.

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